2013 brings a new set of standards for laptops. We no longer need to accept inferior or under-powered components in order to get a good deal.

The minimum a laptop should have these days is 4GB of RAM, a 320 GB hard disk drive, Wifi, and a DVD/ CD R/W optical drive. The operating system should be Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8. There is simply no reason to accept anything else- at any price.

The good news is Amazon has a lot of models on sale right now, some of them going for 400 dollars or less. Take for example this model, the ASUS F55A-AH91, which is on sale right now on for 399 dollars. This machine runs Windows 8, has 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 320 GB hard disk. The processor that it uses is the Intel B980 running at 2.4 GHZ. This chip scores well in bench mark tests of mid range processors, so when we find it in a notebook at this price it only sweetens the pot.

And if you read my articles you know that I have always been big fan of ASUS products. This company started by making motherboards so they know the insides of a PC better than anyone.

Another good deal I came accross on Amazon was on a Lenovo notebook – the G580 to be exact. This model, like the Asus machine above, comes with 15.6 inch screen and also like the Asus machine above comes with the dual core B980 chip. It also has 4GB of RAM and comes with a 500GB disk – even bigger hard drive than that of the ASUS model. The only catch is that if you order it now it won´t ship for about a week. But if you can wait a few days more you can get this model for under 390 dollars.

There were a couple of other notebooks on Amazon for as little as 300 dollars, but I wouldn’t recommend them. They came with Intel Celeron chips, which in my opinion just aren’t quick enough for todays applications. There was also a Dell with similar specs to the models I listed above, but I don’t recommend that models because, well it’s a Dell and I don’t like their customer service.

I looked around on other websites to see if I could find a better deal on either of these two laptops but nobody could beat Amazon’s price. To see all notebooks on Amazon sorted by price click here